Tuesday, June 7, 2011




Fern said...

Wow, Kim.. you've got a lot work in this album... Holly is going to love it!! Hugs!!

Susan said...

Hi Kim!

I just looked at the last four layouts, wow! You did such a beautiful job on this book, I bet her mom was thrilled when she saw it! I have to hand it to you for coming up with so many various layouts for this project. That must have been difficult but you did it so well! I hope someone helped you with the question you had about what to charge, I'm curious to know also. I have a friend who asked me if I might consider doing one for her kids but I wouldn't have a clue what to charge! I hope your having a good week!


Sandy O said...

Great layout. WOW, can she really pick that up...good for her! This scrapbook that your making is awsome.