Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank You

Check out what arrived in my mail a while back! 

Are these not just the prettiest handmade flowers ! I showed them to a friend that was over and she couldn't believe they were hand made!! So I want to thank Jani over at Paper Compulsions for this beautiful box of flowers! The Card she also made..Beautiful! I hope you'll hop over to her blog she does Amazing work she has the COOLEST Z fold card she posted about today!



Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Congratulations and enjoy using these gorgeous flowers! ~ Blessings


Fern said...

Aren't you a lucky girl, Kim!!! Beautiful flowers and card.. Can't wait to see how you use them!!! Hugs!!!

VICTORIA said...

wow I love the flowers. What a nice surprize. victoria :)

Jani said...

So glad you liked them!
Have fun crafting :)