My Scrap Room

This is where I keep my Imagine and is my main space when my table is not set up. 
The baskets underneath my table hold lots of ribbon, fibers, fabrics. 

My husband bought me this table for Christmas because as you can see I don't have much space to work on my desk! The best part is that it can be folded up and slid under the futon when I have company.

I'm constantly changing my craft space as I find new ways to store my stash! I have become an avid garage sale shopper and have found most of my creative storage things from them! 
My favorite storage item is the nuts and bolts holder that I store my buttons, beads, brads, and lots of goodies. I need to label the drawers but that will come when I have time to spare.

This is another storage unit I got from a garage sale. It was used at a department store for storing makeup. 

As you can see I use it for stamps and ink.

Here is my closet that is a work in progress. I store most of my paper and books ect. in here.

The brown drawer unit I bought at an estate sale and have all kinds of goodies stored in here. one large drawer is filled with my Cricut cartridges. 


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