Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Scrap Room...

Scrapbookers Anonymous has an easy challenge this month "Show us your stash" challenge. The challenge is to take a picture of your most favorite collection, best storage solution, or even an entire picture of your scrappy space. I took pictures of my scrappy space. I also will show you my favorite storage solutions.  As you will see this isn't as pretty as the spaces we are all pinning on Pinterest!  

This is where I keep my Imagine and is my main space when my table is not set up. 
The baskets underneath my table hold lots of ribbon, fibers, fabrics. 

My husband bought me this table for Christmas because as you can see I don't have much space to work on my desk! The best part is that it can be folded up and slid under the futon when I have company.

I'm constantly changing my craft space as I find new ways to store my stash! I have become an avid garage sale shopper and have found most of my creative storage things from them! 
My favorite storage item is the nuts and bolts holder that I store my buttons, beads, brads, and lots of goodies. I need to label the drawers but that will come when I have time to spare.

This is another storage unit I got from a garage sale. It was used at a department store for storing makeup. 

As you can see I use it for stamps and ink.

Here is my closet that is a work in progress. I store most of my paper and books ect. in here.

The brown drawer unit I bought at an estate sale and have all kinds of goodies stored in here. one large drawer is filled with my Cricut cartridges. 


Well that's my space. Thanks for stopping by :)


Charlotte Brochu said...

Awesome scrap space and some really great storage ideas! You're lucky to have that big closet!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Love your space!

L.B. said...

what a perfect button storage space. Great!

Susan said...

Hey Kim!

I love your craft space! Kuddos to you for keeping a spare bed in there. As soon as my oldest left for his job in Tahoe I cleaned it out and set up shop! I tell him if he wants to move back home he has to share a room with his 17 year old brother. (It would be like the odd couple, the 17 yr. old being Oscar).

I also get alot of my storage stuff at garage sales and just last week I picked up a wood unit just like the one you have, and I love it! I love that make up unit you picked up too. What a great idea! I just did a complete spring cleaning on my craftroom so I might have to post some pics too. TFS your pictures!

BTW, your blog is looking fabulous! ;)


Lydia said...

What a great space! Love your garage sale finds perfect for your scrap space. So glad you played along with us at Scrapbookers Anonymous!

Helen Tilbury said...

I popped in via Scrapbookers Anonymous - what a well organised space you have :)

Theresa said...

love your scrappy space. great little finds to store all your goodies in. I love re-purposing. Thanks so much for playing with us this month at Scrapbookers Anonymous. =)